HighLights of TechKnowKids 2019

TechKnowKids (TKK) 2019 was an amazing Tech experience for kids. The goal of TKK was to inspire the kids to work together as a team, think creatively and build innovative solutions using some skills such as Basic Computing and Coding Skills.   Day 1 This year’s TKK was dressed with educative/impactful sessions, such as panel […]

Google I/O  Extended & DSC IBBUL Showcase

“A candle doesn’t lose its light by lighting another candle” — James Keller. There’s value in youth, as they strive to be innovative in this complex world, we should never cross our arms to recieve them whenever they need our unique contribution. Mr. Jeremiah Jacob, the Lead Organizer of Developers Student Club( DSC), Ibrahim Badamasi […]

Day 1 Capacity Building/ Website Upgrade for COE Minna MicroFinance Bank.

Time and technology share one similarity, they wait for no one.  They keep moving regardless of who is left behind. When technology Change the face of the world, we ought not to judge the world for moving forward, but ask ourselves “why are we still left behind?”. Because learning never ends, we all have to […]