HighLights of TechKnowKids 2019

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TechKnowKids (TKK) 2019 was an amazing Tech experience for kids. The goal of TKK was to inspire the kids to work together as a team, think creatively and build innovative solutions using some skills such as Basic Computing and Coding Skills.

Day 1

This year's TKK was dressed with educative/impactful sessions, such as panel sessions and idea sessions. The panel session was “ways to apply technological tools and concepts on real word problems in STEM with core subjects like Biology, Engineering, Finance and Medicine.

The Moderator
Sylvester Abba- A Radio Personality (Search FM)

5. Dr Khadija Ndaisa Hassan – Veterinary Doctor. With the aid of X-ray's, it is easier to detect what is wrong with an animal. They work with devices that track animals, heat detectors and also use 3D Device before fixing fractures.


If kids are the leaders of tomorrow, rather than reminding them, we should build them up to think, act and talk like a leader.

The Former Head of Civil Service Niger State spoke on 5 Leadership skills

There is nothing we can do without technology and in the past when there weren't computers life was a bit difficult. He thanked the Host of TKK, JD Lab.

  • Creativity- they must be creative.
  • Positivity- learning isn’t enough, they should always be positive that they can achieve a lot.
  • Effective Communication- every leader must communicate effectively
  • Motivation- they should always be motivated because without it they won’t do much.
  • Feedback- a leader must always give feedback to his team. For example, when they go home their parents will ask for feedback of TKK Competition.

Mr. Nnamdi Okoro, the founder of Minna Tech Meet up and Chief Technical Officer of Paritie Dynamic spoke to the kids on why and how to be a Leader and how to work as a Team.


Six (6) schools out of 11 schools made it to the second stage, the second stage was more of a hands-on project. The kids were taught basic computing skills (word and Excel) coding skills (HTML and JavaScript) and how to create an animation using Alice.  They also took a quiz that was used to get the best group, best school, and 3winners.

The lead organizers of Kotlin Everywhere Minna visited, they inspired and gave the kids gifts.

The 6 schools who made it to the second stage.
Training on Ms Word and Excel by Mr. Mahood Abba.
Training on HTML & JavaScript by Miss. Memunat Menzuma.
Training on Creating Animations with Alice by Mr. John Kolo.


Whatever has a beginning as an end, and the 3rd day was actually the last day of TKK 2019. The kids came with mixed feelings but praying they go home with a prize.  An idea session on creative thinking which Steve jobs as a case study was handled by the Human Resource Manager of JD Lab.

From the quiz written on Day 2, the result was

Best Team – Team six (6) Alkali Mohammed Binta (Galaxy international School) and Yahaya. I. Jibril (Plus International School).

2nd Best Team – Team Four (4) Edwin G.T. Dogara  (Father o’ Connell) and Mukhtar .O. Raheeminna (Temlad School).

Best School—Himma International School

2nd Best School—Bosso Secondary School

2nd Best School

Best Individual—Yakubu Nathan Shekiwoagami from Himma International School Minna.

Mr. Nathan Yakubu

2nd best Individual-- Akpa Agnes Odachi from Himma International School Minna

Miss Akpa Agnes Odachi

3rd best Individual-- Mukhtar .O. Raheeminna from Temlad School Minna.

Mr. Mukhtar .O. Raheeminna

All participant of TKK 2019 went home with a certificate of participation and other gifts.

The closing remark was made by the President of JD Lab.

Mr. Abdulkadir Suleiman