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We seek both experienced and fresh graduate: who are talented, committed, dedicated and competent. We ensure our employees undergo training that are challenging, in other to test their soft skills which would aid in continuous self growth. Because we are never too old to learn new skills, we host company capacity building ever week to enable employees learn new skills.


We believe it's better to be prepared for an opportunity and never have one than to have an opportunity and not be prepared for it". Hence, we offer internship opportunity for students and graduates in other to prepare them for the career path they seek.


My internship at JD Lab is a memory i will cherish for a lifetime. The internship period was filled with fun and frolic, learning opportunities and sometimes with an academic grind that one has to go through. The exposure makes me a better woman to face challenges of the corporate world, I can proudly say am a software developer after the internship.


Software Developer


We give graduates the opportunity to harness their full potentials in their career in a friendly, rewarding and innovative environment.


working at JD Lab, i have had the opportunity to learn about the corporate world and have developed my content writing and administrative skills. JD Lab is a unique company with friendly, talented and dedicated team who supports and believes in each other

Epelle Cynthia Boma


Application Process

Our criteria for Entry level Programme (ELP) is as detailed below. Candidate must:

  Be dedicated, talented, committed, competent

Be a graduate from an accredited university or polytechnic

Class of Degree Minimum of 2.2

A Master Degree and/or Professional Qualification is an added advantage.

Have completed NYSC

Have at least 3 years working experience. If you meet these requirements,



To maintain our standards, specialist hires undergo some professional training from best hands.



JD lab has changed my thoughts; to be innovative and results-oriented. I am excited to work in a firm that balances the needs of the business with the interests of the employees.


Human Resources Manager

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